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22/23 Uphill Program

Whether you're up early for dawn patrol and catching sunrises, or just gearing up for midday adventure, Windham Mountain's Uphill Program offers all-day earned turns. Daily uphill tickets and season passes are for sale at the base lodge ticket counter and must be purchased prior to ascending.

Join us Thursday evenings at 4:00 PM for a community tour (start date TBD). Group will meet outside the Demo Center. Uphill Passes can be purchased at Tickets & Passes in the base lodge. Please plan to arrive no later than 3:30 PM to purchase your pass.

Pass TypePrice
Daily Uphill Ticket$30
Uphill Season Pass$90

Uphill Policy at Windham Mountain

  • Uphill travel using skis, splitboard, or snowshoes is permitted during regular open hours with a current lift or uphill travel ticket or season pass. The designated routes will be:

    • What’s Next > Wanderer (on the East Peak)

    • What's Next > Way to Go > Wraparound

    • Wonderama > Wipeout > Wide Connection

  • Uphill travel is also allowed during daylight hours when the mountain is not open with an uphill travel ticket or season pass. Prior to ascending during closed hours, travelers must check the “Mountain Report” posted on windhammountain.com for changes that may occur on the designated routes due to maintenance, snowmaking or other events.

  • There may be times Up-Hill travel will be closed to all travelers.

  • When traveling uphill, travelers must stay to the sides of trails and stay visible from above at all times. Always be aware of the following but not limited to downhill traffic, snowmobiles, grooming vehicles, other utility vehicles, winch cat cables, snow guns running and non-running and other natural and manmade obstacles. When ascending open trails always be aware of downhill traffic. Trail markings and closures may not have been put in place at this time or may only be visible to downhill traffic.

  • It is recommended that travelers take a cell phone with them and let someone know where they are intending to go. Trails are not patrolled when the mountain is closed.

  • Sledding of any kind is not permitted.

  • Dogs must always be on a leash.

Photo Credit: Jamie Kennard