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Program FAQs

Programs FAQs

What does the Program include?

  • Program includes lessons and lunch.
    • Lunch is served in Base Camp
      • Nut Free
      • We will work with guests to accommodate allergies.
        • Allergies should be noted in the Child Registration Profile
      • EpiPens must remain with student and will be administered if necessary
      • Kids can bring their own lunch if it is nut free
  • Season Passes/Lift Tickets are not included
  • Rentals and Equipment are not included

My child can’t commit to the whole season, can they come occasionally?

  • Programs are designed for children that will be here every weekend, Saturday and Sunday
  • Groups tend to progress at a similar rate, and missing several days will cause your child to fall behind, resulting in them needing to switch groups and potentially not having a group
  • If your child will only be at Windham occasionally, sign them up for Windham Mountain Kids when they are here and able to participate.
    • Windham Mountain Kids is for children ages 3 to 12, all abilities
    • Windham Mountain Kids will go on sale in the Fall

Which program is right for my child?

  • Start with age group

    • Children MUST go in the right program for their age.  Child can NOT go up an age group
    • Group sizes, safety protocols, pacing, etc. are specific to the age group and having younger children in an older program creates unnecessary risk for the participants and instructor
    • There are advanced groups for younger ages
  • Skill Level

    • Participants must be capable of riding the chairlift and making wedge turns on Green Terrain to participate in Mini Mountaineers
    • Participants must be riding the chairlift and confidently turning on all Green Terrain to participate in Mountaineers
    • Participants must be confident intermediates (parallel on blue terrain) for Set No Limits or Freestyle, otherwise they should go to Mountaineers
    • Beginner skiers/snowboarders or those that are not independently using the lifts need to sign up for Windham Mountain Kids

Set No Limits or Junior Instructor Training Course (JITC)?

  • Set No Limits is a recreational program for tweens and teens that want to ski with their friends, rip around the mountain
  • JITC is for teens that are interested in becoming instructors when they are old enough and capable

My child wants to be with their friends, can we do that?

  • Children will be broken into groups based on ability
  • If friends/siblings are requesting to go together, they will be grouped with the younger/weaker participant and is HIGHLY discouraged
  • Children MUST be registered in the same program to be in the same group
  • Skiers and snowboarders CANNOT go together

My Child needs help with the chairlift…

  • All students 6 and under will wear a ski school vest
  • All students 6 and under must ride chairlifts with an adult
  • Students 7 and older can ride chairlifts with another child if they can lower the bar safely, no children should ride alone. If you want your 7 year old to ride with an adult, this can be arranged with the instructor.

Freestyle, Competition Freestyle, or Race?

  • Freestyle
    • Recreational skiing with a preference towards terrain parks, jumps, and playing on the mountain
  • Competition Freestyle
    • Intense terrain park and freestyle training for children motivated to compete with a longer and more intense commitment. Must become a member of USASA to compete in sanctioned events. Some local travel is offered but not required.
  • Race
    • Focused training for children interested in exploring gates and racing at a variety of skill levels with a season long commitment

Which Race product is right for my child? Development Team, All Mountain Team, or Race Team?

  • Development Team
    • Ages 7-10, must be able to ski blue runs confidently, load, ride, and unload the lift independently
    • Primary focus on skill-building and fundamentals, some time in gates or training environments, participate in mini world cup races at Windham
  • All-Mountain Team
    • Ages 11-18, must be able to ski blue runs confidently
    • This program is for those either new to racing at an older age, or those that don’t want to take the competition as seriously. Lots of all-mountain skiing, occasional gate training, participates in mini world cup races at Windham.
    • Lots of social time and free skiing
  • Race Team
    • Ages 8-18, must receive recommendation from a coach to move from Development Team to Race Team
    • More focus in training environments and race courses
    • Must be a member of USSS and NYSSRA. Travel to other mountains for races is offered.
    • Designed for athletes looking to improve as a ski racer
  • Coach in Training or Athlete 2 Coach program
    • Not available for purchase at this time
    • Contact raceadmin@windhammountain.com to express interest for next season