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The Fear Workshop

Uninhibited skiing is within your reach


“To ski is to flirt with gravity. We go up only to come down. We pay to travel in a chairlift or a tram up the side of a mountain only to feel gravity’s pull, to feel ourselves in a delicious, selective fall like a moment in love. Like love, skiing has within it, inherent in its very nature, the act of letting go. And it is this letting go, this feeling of a controlled fall that brings the thrill, the freedom, the feeling of being swept along in the fever of a new crush. But to willingly let go, to fall, we must move through that small passage of time which contains not only exhilaration but fear.”  - from A Conversation with Fear by Mermer Blakeslee.


Developed by acclaimed skier, writer, and teacher Mermer Blakeslee, join us for three days of total immersion in skiing and learning as we explore this moment of fear and thrill. Designed for skiers of all levels, this workshop will help you break through plateaus, quiet the mind, and allow you to reach your own personal peak performance. Join us for a unique opportunity to combine high-level ski instruction with an intimate social atmosphere.


What’s Included:

  • Breakfast and lunch in The Club all three days

  • Three indoor presentations plus Q&A on equipment

  • Small-group, highly personalized lessons morning and afternoon

  • Ski-specific stretching



  • $1200 (Season Passholders)

  • $1350 (3-day lift ticket included)


For more information and to sign up, contact snowsports@windhammountain.com  .

About the experience: 

  • Enjoy the support and camaraderie of women

  • Expand your comfort zone

  • Break free of the terminal intermediate or beginner blues

  • Use skiing as a metaphor for other creative endeavors

  • Cultivate a conversation with (rather than fight against) fear

Limited to 30 participants. This workshop is for women only.



About Mermer Blakeslee:




Mermer Blakeslee started skiing at 3 years-old on this mountain in 1960. After ski racing at a national level, she began teaching. She is an examiner emeritus for the Professional Ski Instructors of America and a former member of its elite National Demonstration Team. In 2006, she created PowerLearn®, a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive program at Windham for seriously committed students. Called by Stu Campbell “the ski industry's fear specialist,” Mermer has led fear workshops for 35 years and has traveled across the country lecturing and training teachers in her approach. Her book, In the Yikes! Zone (Dutton, 2002) is now reprinted as A Conversation with Fear. Blakeslee is also the author of three acclaimed novels, the latest being When You Live by a River. For more information, visit www.mermerblakeslee.com .