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Snow Report

Good morning to our friends and family, welcome to the last day of winter operations at Windham Mountain for the 22/23 season. We're looking at a bright and crisp day, with temperatures in the mid-20s at the summit and warming up into the 30s at the base. We've got 36 trails across 254 acres today, serviced by the Westside Six Express (F-Lift), Whiteway Express Quad (D-Lift), East Peak Express Quad (G-Lift), and the Wonderama Express Quad (C-Lift). The Wooly Bear carpet (E-Carpet) is tentatively scheduled. We've seen a few errant flurries this morning, with cloud cover that will dissipate by around 10am. Nothing like a bluebird to finish up the season! Our snow cats are doing one final prowl across both the East and West Peaks with a full slate of corduroy across most green, blue, and single black diamond trails; expect the East Peak to open later this morning. Please be sure to check the full report below for information on individual trails. Adult lift tickets are available at $75 for the remainder of the Season. 


At the end of the season, we're reminded that like life, any East Coast ski season has its ups and downs, its powder days and occasional rain, its bluebird skies and overcast clouds. For every icing event that thwarts first tracks, there's magical days that deliver transcendence underfoot. In the Catskills, skiers and riders are forged out of raw desire and pure heart. For the love of it. That's what makes our mountain community so special. Thank you Windham, for another winter that reminds us why we're here at dawn and home in the dark. You make us, well, us. As we close it out, we're inspired by the natural beauty of this place we get to call home: there's beauty in the pine boughs watching the sun crest adjacent peaks, in gentle chairlift sway at midnight under the moon, and in someone's smile that first time they feel snow beneath their feet. Keep coming up to the Catskills for air, Windham. There's mountain for everyone.