Mountain Report Updated: Sun, Jan 17 - 2PM
  • 40Trails Open
  • 9Lifts Open
  • 243Acres Open
  • 4Parks Open
  • 34Groomed Trails
Today's Forecast
  • Snow Showers
  • 36oF
5-Day Forecast
  • Snow Showers 37°F
  • Flurries 36°F
  • Snow Showers 34°F
  • Snow Showers 24°F
  • Snow Showers 31°F

1 -17-21 afternoon update:

We're looking forward to rounding out the MLK holiday weekend with a nice day on Monday! We expect to have 40 trails open, representing 243 acres of terrain.  Our snowmakers are getting geared up to begin another round of snowmaking early Tuesday morning.  Next up on the snowmaking plan will be Wilderness Bowl, as well as Whisky Jack, Wapeka and Upper & Lower Wiseacres.

For tomorrow, look for mostly cloudy skies with flurries possible and a high around 35 degrees. Surface conditions are expected to be machine groomed snow and packed powder as the primary surfaces. We expect to have  B, C, D, E, F, K, M and N lifts from 8am to 4pm, with G lift at 9am --  with skiing on both the East and West Peaks.  Our grooming team plans to hit just about everything overnight, with the exception of Upper Wicked and Upper Wheelchair.

Please note that  Monday 1/18 is a  "Red Day" and walk-up lift tickets will NOT be available - we are sold out.  Please click here for more information regarding our "Red and Green Capacity Calendar".  The Adventure Park will operate Monday 11am to 4pm.

Please remember your mask - these are required for a visit to Windham in lift lines, buildings, on the back patio and throughout our operation.

Now that we are operating on a daily schedule, please be aware that our Red & Green Day Capacity Calendar will be in place. Please review this calendar prior to your arrival and to plan accordingly to avoid disappointment!

We encourage guests to familiarize themselves with our Covid-19 operating plan, as well as our "red day" and "green day" capacity calendar.  Please note that we have "sold out" of lift tickets for many days. We will not be selling lift tickets on-site during any red days -- and once tickets are sold out, our capacity limits have been met.  We apologize and understand that this will undoubtedly affect many guests looking to visit this winter.  We encourage you to consider other dates on our ticketing calendar.

Please note - if you are an Ikon Passholder and would like to visit Windham Mountain this winter, a reservation will be required for yourself and any other friends/family tickets that you require.  Please visit your Ikon Pass account to make a reservation at:  Ikon passholders must be present to purchase friends/family tickets at any ticket window. If none are needed, Ikon passholders may proceed directly to the lifts.

Lift Tickets for winter 2020-21 are available below!  

Printable Snow Report

*Please note that conditions reports from 2:00pm or later reflect anticipated conditions for the following day of operation.

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  • Open Trail Open Trail
  • Groomed Terrain Groomed
  • Moguls Moguls
  • Snowmaking Snowmaking
  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
  • Please click on designation below to see full list of trails
  • Easier Trails
    • Lower WarpathOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WraparoundOpen TrailDelayed
    • WandererOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wapeka
    • Way To GoOpen TrailDelayed
    • What's Next?Open TrailDelayed
    • Where's Charlie?
    • Whisper RunOpen TrailDelayed
    • White WayOpen TrailDelayed
    • WillpowerOpen TrailDelayed
    • WonderamaOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wooly BearOpen TrailDelayed
  • More Difficult
    • Lower WheelchairOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower Whirlwind
    • Lower WhistlerOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WipeoutOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower Wiseacres
    • Lower WolverineOpen TrailDelayed
    • Mini Wall BypassOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper Wall StOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper Whirlwind
    • Upper WhistlerOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WiseacresOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WraparoundOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wall StreetOpen TrailDelayed
    • Waltz
    • Warm UpOpen TrailDelayed
    • Warpath ChuteOpen TrailDelayed
    • What Terrain Park
    • Whiskey Jack
    • Wizard
    • Wrangler
  • More Difficult (Advanced)
    • Upper WarpathOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wildcat
    • WindfallOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wolf's Prey
    • World CupOpen TrailDelayed
  • Most Difficult
    • Old Wolverine
    • The Whistler ChuteOpen TrailDelayed
    • Warm Up RoadOpen Trail
    • Whataride Glades
    • Why NotOpen TrailDelayed
    • WickedOpen Trail
    • WigeonOpen TrailDelayed
    • WilburOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wing'n ItOpen TrailDelayed
    • WinTuckOpen TrailDelayed
  • Expert Only
    • The WallOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WheelchairOpen Trail
    • Upper WipeoutOpen Trail
    • Upper WolverineOpen TrailDelayed
    • Way OutOpen Trail
    • WedelOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wide ConnectionOpen Trail
  • Open Lift Open Lift
  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
  • Whisper Run UpperOpen Lift
  • Whiteway Triple Chairlift (D)Open Lift
  • Wonderama Express Quad (C)Open Lift
  • Wooly Bear Conveyor (E)Open Lift
  • Enclave Conveyor L
  • K Triple Chairlift
  • Park Tow
  • Baker Double Chairlift (B)Open Lift
  • Whisper Run LowerOpen Lift
  • Westside Six (F)Open Lift
  • East Peak Express Quad (G)Open Lift
  • Open Terrain Open Terrain
  • Groomed Terrain Groomed
  • Snowmaking Snowmaking
  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
  • Lower Warpath ParkDelayedOpen Terrain
  • The Jib ParkDelayedOpen Terrain
  • What Terrain Park
  • Whirlwind Park
  • Wilbur ParkDelayedOpen Terrain
  • Wraparound ParkDelayedOpen Terrain

D.O. = Delayed Opening
24 = New snow made in the last 24 hours