Mountain Report Updated: Wed, Jan 23 - 2PM
  • 50Trails Open
  • 7Lifts Open
  • 271Acres Open
  • 4Parks Open
  • 37Groomed Trails
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  • Cloudy
  • 27oF
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  • Cloudy 39°F
  • Rain ends 41°F
  • Cloudy 25°F
  • Mostly Cloudy 19°F
  • Snow Showers 30°F

Mountain Update | Windham Mountain Resort
Good afternoon!  Apparently, Mother Nature is opting to take 36 hours off the winter plan for tonight and Thursday - with a brief warm up on the way.  Fear not, however, as colder weather returns for Thursday night - and with it, our snowmakers! For Thursday, you can look forward to up to 7 lifts spinning from 9am-4pm, accessing up to 50 trails.  The highs for Thursday will be in the 40's° and dropping later in the day with any wet weather transitioning to snow showers.  We should see softer, easy-carving hero snow to start the day for Thursday Look for snowmakers to spring back into action as temps drop Thursday evening.  Groomers will be out on select terrain overnight - primarily on lower-level terrain. 

C, D, E, F, and K lifts are scheduled to run from 9am to 4pm Thursday, with G lift scheduled for 10am to 3:30pm, and M carpet from 10am to 3pm.  Surface conditions are anticipated to be wet packed, machine groomed and variable with the changing weather.

Terrain Parks
Windham Parks has builds open in Lower Warpath Park, Mini Wraparound Park, Wilbur Park and the Jib Park.  The crew will get to work on What Terrain Park soon, but in the meantime, it's open as a trail.  Beginners continue to benefit from a full Terrain Based Learning build open on Wooly Bear and Whisper Run.

1/23 - 1/25 - The Fear Workshop with Mermer Blakeslee (sold out).
1/24 - 1/27 - NASTAR Eastern Regional Championships
1/25 - Silver Chain Band (Rock & Blues) Live at Rock'n Mexicana from 7-10pm
1/26 - The Hudson Dusters (Folk/Americana) Live in Seasons 3-6pm
1/26 - Snowshoe Hike & Dinner 3:30pm

Uphill Travel For of 1/23/19
Uphill travel using skis or snowshoes is only permitted with a current lift or up-hill travel ticket or season pass.  Please abide by our Uphill Travel Policy and keep dogs on a leash.  To access the upper mountain, please be aware that grooming is in progress, so proceed with caution and be aware of other equipment like snowmobiles in use by Mountain Operations.

Hours for Skiing & Riding
Mondays - Thursdays: 9am to 4pm
Fridays: 9am to 4pm, sunset 2pm to 8pm
Saturdays: 8am to 4pm, sunset 2pm to 8pm
Sundays: 8am to 4pm

Hours for The Adventure Park
Mondays - Thursdays: Closed
Fridays: 4pm to 8pm
Saturdays: 11am to 8pm
Sundays: 11am to 4pm

Hours for The Nordic Center at Windham Country Club
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 9am - 4:30pm

First Tracks
Every Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Morning.  First Tracks is a guided mountain experience for experts only, ages 14 and up. Skiers and riders must be comfortable in mixed conditions on black diamond trails. Space is limited and reservations are required. Call 518-734-4300 x1515 or email to reserve your spot in First Tracks. Please arrive 1.5 hours prior to the day’s scheduled opening to check in at the Demo Center and purchase tickets.

All lift tickets must be loaded onto a Windham Mountain RFID card.  Ticket window prices are inclusive of a $5 Windham Mountain RFID Card. Cards may be reloaded and prices on return visits will be $5 less.  Your Windham Mountain RFID Card should be secured in a left-facing pocket, by itself (smart phones and credit cards will damage the card).  Skiers and riders should only carry one RFID Card at a time.  Questions about RFID?  Read our FAQ's here. 

Reload Your RFID Card and Save Up to 42%
Windham Mountain Resort encourages you to purchase lift access online in advance for significant savings and to skip the ticket line!  Online pricing and quantity of tickets vary by day.  The earlier you buy, the more you can save!

Third Night Free! New this year and as simple as it sounds. Book a Winwood Inn Room for two nights and get your third midweek night free.  All the details may be found here.

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This conditions report represents a snapshot in time and is subject to change at any time due to weather and numerous other factors.


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  • Open Trail Open Trail
  • Groomed Terrain Groomed
  • Moguls Moguls
  • Snowmaking Snowmaking
  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
  • Please click on designation below to see full list of trails
  • Easier Trails
    • Lower WraparoundOpen TrailDelayed
    • WandererOpen TrailDelayed
    • WapekaOpen TrailDelayed
    • Way To GoOpen TrailDelayed
    • What's Next?Open TrailDelayed
    • Where's Charlie?Open TrailDelayed
    • Whisper RunOpen TrailDelayed
    • White WayOpen TrailDelayed
    • WillpowerOpen TrailDelayed
    • WonderamaOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wooly BearOpen TrailDelayed
  • More Difficult
    • Lower WarpathOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WheelchairOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower Whirlwind
    • Lower WhistlerOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WipeoutOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WiseacresOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WolverineOpen TrailDelayed
    • Mini Wall BypassOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper Wall StOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WarpathOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper Whirlwind
    • Upper WhistlerOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WiseacresOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WraparoundOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wall StreetOpen TrailDelayed
    • WaltzOpen Trail
    • Warm UpOpen TrailDelayed
    • Warpath ChuteOpen TrailDelayed
    • What Terrain ParkOpen Trail
    • Whiskey JackOpen TrailDelayed
    • WizardOpen Trail
    • WranglerOpen Trail
  • More Difficult (Advanced)
    • WildcatOpen TrailDelayed
    • WindfallOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wolf's PreyOpen TrailDelayed
    • World CupOpen TrailDelayed
  • Most Difficult
    • Old Wolverine
    • The Whistler ChuteOpen Trail
    • Warm Up RoadOpen Trail
    • Whataride Glades
    • Why NotOpen TrailDelayed
    • WickedOpen Trail
    • WigeonOpen TrailDelayed
    • WilburOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wing'n ItOpen Trail
    • WinTuckOpen TrailDelayed
  • Expert Only
    • The WallOpen Trail
    • Upper WheelchairOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WipeoutOpen Trail
    • Upper WolverineOpen TrailDelayed
    • Way OutOpen Trail
    • WedelOpen Trail
    • Wide ConnectionOpen Trail
  • Open Lift Open Lift
  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
  • K Triple ChairliftOpen Lift
  • Park Tow
  • Whiteway Triple Chairlift (D)Open Lift
  • East Peak Express Quad (G)Open Lift
  • Whirlwind High Speed Quad (A)
  • Westside Six (F)Open Lift
  • Wheelchair Double Chairlift (B)
  • Wonderama Triple Chairlift (C)Open Lift
  • Wooly Bear Conveyor (E)Open Lift
  • Enclave Conveyor L
  • Whisper Run Lower
  • Whisper Run UpperOpen Lift
  • Open Terrain Open Terrain
  • Groomed Terrain Groomed
  • Snowmaking Snowmaking
  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
  • The Jib ParkOpen Terrain
  • Wilbur ParkDelayedOpen Terrain
  • Wraparound ParkDelayedOpen Terrain
  • Lower Warpath ParkDelayedOpen Terrain
  • Whirlwind Park
  • What Terrain Park

D.O. = Delayed Opening
24 = New snow made in the last 24 hours