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Above & Beyond

There’s an elevating power to the mountains. A magnetism that pulls us up out of the well-worn groove of daily life and into a higher stratum of experience. Mountains lift us to the edge of what we know and expose us to the elements. They help us see farther, think bigger, and reconnect to ourselves, our families, our friends…and to nature’s inspiring wildness. Mountains offer passage to a completely different world, to a parallel universe of wind and light—an elevated reality above the norm and beyond expectation. At Windham Mountain, we live for the Above and Beyond. We’re here every day. People come to Windham to get lost and found again, to find stunning adventure close to home, and to be reminded of how good it feels to be alive with family and friends in the fresh air. Elevate your experience. Find your land in the sky, Above and Beyond. We’ll see you up here.


1,600 Vertical Feet Of Skiing And Riding

Top Elevation 3,100 feet
Vertical Rise 1,600 feet
Slope Length 300-12,500 feet
Number of Trails 54
Lifts 11 total; 1 high-speed 6 passenger, 2 high-speed quads, 2 triples, 1 double, 5 surface
Uphill Capacity 19,890 passengers per hour
Total Acres 732
Trail Acreage 285
Snowmaking Coverage 97%
Terrain Parks 6

In a time of industry consolidation, strong, independent resort competition continues to carve out unique guest-focused experiences and provide an alternative to crowding and other downside impacts of acquisitions and mergers. A passion-powered outdoor community with the support of an active investor group, Windham is well-positioned to continue offering a more boutique and personal experience to skiers and riders in the Catskills. Windham Mountain is a place to get lost and found again, to find a stunning adventure close to home, and to be reminded of how good it feels to be alive with family and friends in the fresh air.

Windham Mountain has pledged over $4 million to capital improvements for the 2021/22 winter season.

  • Continued expansion of Windham Mountain’s automated snowmaking system, this year on Wraparound, Wonderama, and Warpath Chute. The upgraded system allows for quicker start-up and faster recovery from freeze/thaw cycles that naturally occur during the winter months.
  • Windham Mountain’s brand new PistenBully 600E+, combining 16% more power with 20% less energy consumption and emissions while operating with 20% less noise, the 600E+ has earned the title as both the cleanest and quietest snow groomer currently on the market – and it can now be found on the slopes of Windham Mountain.
  • Base Camp is the new home for Windham Mountain Kids. The completely renovated facility will enhance the lesson experience and assist in developing young skiers and snowboarders into the best they can be.
  • “Magic Carpet” at M-Lift has been replaced with an overhead canopy to provide extra cover from weather, and improved reliability to make learning easier, the lift will also provide slope access from lower lots to the base lodge 7 days a week.
  • Montana Crystal Rock Ski and Snowboard Tuner a fan favorite among racers for its specific tune and equipment settings.
  • Brand new, redesigned Windham Mountain website offers a streamlined online experience. The easy-to-navigate website serves as a “one-stop shop” for purchases, reservations, and more.
  • The wedding deck at the top of the mountain has been expanded to entertain larger volumes of guests, making that special day even more special.

Because weather can change rapidly in the mountains, we encourage you to check our Mountain Report page frequently or call our Snow Report Hotline toll free at 1-800-729-4766. While at the mountain, you can check conditions at ticket windows, throughout the lodge and at the Central Information Board near the base of the lifts.