b'the inside story behind windham mountain snow - continued from page 51 -averaging 5,366 gallons per minute. That translates into theguns at the resort. Then there are stick guns, the most common equivalent of snowmaking taking place for 24 hours per day for that line many of the trails at Windham. Finally, ground guns are 41 straight days. To put that into perspective, Windham mounted on tripods and are mobile for use under certainsnowmaking operations pumped about as many gallons of waterweather conditions to supplement areas in need of extraper acre as resorts like Stratton, Okemo and Mount Snow, all incoverage. As of this winter, there are guns at every hydrantVermont. Davis said that he took a measurement late in the on all snowmaking trails, meaning less labor and moreseason on Windhams signature trail, Whistler, and it came in atsnowmaking hours.over 72 inches in the middle of the trail. Thats six feet of Water is the lifeblood of Windhams snowmaking factory.compressed manmade snow! The resort is fortunate to be able to tap into the Batavia Kill The snowmaking system is composed of five main which flows next to Main Street in Windham. That water is components. That includes the water supply, the pipes to pumped into a large storage pond and both sources can betransport the snow from the reservoirs to the pumps and used simultaneously to feed the snowmaking system. Thecompressors, as well as the pipes to bring the compressed airdestruction caused by Hurricane Irene in August 2011 led toand water up the mountain to the slopes. There are even the building of a new pump house and that, in turn, ramped up booster pumps partway up the East and West sides of thethe water capacity substantially.Resort, which help maintain water and air pressure to the gunsThe snowmaking arsenal has 700 guns in total and can cover closer to the summits. Simple physics tells you that for each an acre of terrain with about eight inches of machine-made gun using a certain amount of air and water under high snow in one night under optimal conditions. Davis told me that pressure, combined with the effects of gravity and distance for the manually-operated guns, it would take at least six hours from the pump, the next gun above will have a lower pressure.of good snowmaking conditions to warrant turning on the Boosting pressures allow for more efficient snowmaking at thesystem. That totally changes with the automated systems that top of the mountain. include a 15-year-old set of guns on the Whats Next trail and Then there are the snow guns. There are three types of gunsan additional set of 37 guns on Whistler. Another 21 automated at Windham. There are snow cannons, or fan guns, that produceguns are being added for this coming season to Upper Whistler enormous volumes of snow used in large open areas. You will and The Wall, which drops into Upper Whistler. Lowernotice nine Super Polecat, tower mounted and automated Wolverine is also going to get 20 automated guns for the continued on page 55WINDHAMS PREMIER MECHANICAL CONTRACTOREAST WINDHAM, NYwindhammountain.com800-754-9463 53'