b'all of this technology and high-performance equipment requires one essential element. a dedicated, experienced team to put them to good use.the inside story behind windham mountain snow - continued from page 49 -were packed with agricultural rollers to create an icier surface terminology from the origins of grooming are still in use to this for sleighs and sledges. In 1939, in New Hampshire, Mount day. You will hear the term snow farming used by mountain Cranmores management used agricultural rollers to pack downoperations staff to describe how they manage the snow surfaces early season snow to create a base for later snowfalls. A at ski resorts such as Windham.Caterpillar tractor was used to haul the roller over the ski terrain. Lets turn our attention back to Ted Davis and the wonderful The rolling process did nothing to prevent icy surfaces afterworld of winter at Windham today. Davis told me that upgrades freeze and thaw cycles so the next innovation was the made to the snowmaking system over the past few years allow Magic Carpet (not to be confused with current conveyor liftshim and his team to make more than twice the amount of snow for beginners). Magic Carpets were a network of chains andin the same amount of time as they did just 20 years ago.He caulks covering an area 10 by 14 feet and weighing around 1,400focuses on quality versus quantity which results in longer lasting pounds and hauled across the snow by a tractor. The problembases and better surfaces. The improvements include higher with this was that the tractors were limited in their ability towater pressure which produces a greater number of gallons climb steeper terrain and did more damage to thinly coveredper minute pumped, and better equipment that requires less surfaces. They also couldnt operate well in very deep snow.compressed air to make more and higher quality machine made The next innovation was the slat roller which had a snow. The system today allows for freshly made snow to be combination of a packer and a pulverizer. There was even anskied immediately instead of having to be pushed out or dry out. adjustable steel blade mounted in front of the contraption inGrooming followsat a time carefully plannedto create an order to shave down moguls. The device weighed about 700ideal corduroy surface.pounds and was steered by a skier. Skiers were sent out in teamsThe 2019-2020 season was one that certainly proved aswith their packer-grader units and were given combat pay forchallenging as any in recent history. As Davis told me, It started their efforts. They used T-Bar lifts to bring the units back upout with a massive snowstorm that dumped over 30 inches the mountain. It didnt take long to realize that you needed aduring the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Skiers andmore efficient and mechanized way to move the packer-graderssnowboarders were ecstatic over what looked like it was going around the slopes. By 1952, the first Tucker Snow Cat was used atto be a banner winter. The cold that followed kept the snow for Bromley Mountain in Vermont. The Tucker tractor was ten days before warm and wet weather wiped it out as fast as it mounted on four independent tracks and was able to haul thecame. From then until the Covid-19 shutdown, the up-and-down packer grader with ease. temperatures and weekly rainfalls kept snowmaking andFrom there, as the saying goes, the rest is history, with thegrooming operations going full bore.evolution of that machine into the modern snow groomingDavis told me that his crew pumped a total of 322 million machines in use at Windham Mountain today. However, thegallons of water during about 1,000 hours of snowmaking time, continued on page 53windhammountain.com800-754-9463 51'