b'T H E I N S I D E S TO R YB E H I N Dsnow windham mountainBY ALBERT S. NEUBERTItsacold,crispSaturdaymorningin January and youre first in line on the Westside Six high-speed express to the summit. Youre drooling over that first screaming run down Whistler when theres nothing but perfect corduroy laying on a velvety surface of freshly made snow. The surrounding countryside has six inches of icy crud that you would need crampons to walk on and yet, Windhams slopes and trails are buried in many feet of reliable base with smooth and perfectly carveable surfaces. Its easy to take for granted those perfect conditions, but what does it take to produce and groom that snow?continued on page 47windhammountain.com800-754-9463 45'