b'Private LessonsCustomize your skiing and snowboarding experience with a Private Lesson. One-on-one instruction from our team of professional instructors will ensure that your experience is tailored to meet your specific needs. Private Lessons offer the comfort of progressing at your own pace so you can decide when its time to step it up, or take it easy. Explore more of the mountain with confidence, learn more about carving, skiing icy spots, or how to float through the powder with ease. From first-time experiences to advanced skiers looking for new tips and tactics, youre sure to take your skiing and riding to the next level with the help of one of our top professional instructors. Private lessons are available for all ages with a full menu of different start times. Were here to help you achieve your goals onAd aptive Spor tsyour schedule.F o u n d a t i o nTips for making the most of your private lesson experience:Looking to put a few people together? This works best whenYes, coming to the Adaptive Sports Foundationeveryone is the same ability level. If your group has a wide abilityat Windham Mountain is about learning torange, consider splitting into multiple lessons, or be willing to splitsnowboard for my son but there is also a biggerthe time in the lesson so the instructor can spend time with each person in your party. picture to all of it.This is a home to Hunter.Have something specific you want to work on? Let us know ahead - Stephanie, mom to a 14-year-old son with autismof time so we can pair you with the best instructor for your goals. When her son, Hunter, was diagnosed with autism at age 2, Looking to request a specific instructor? Thats great! Let us knowStephanie was in what she describes as a state of notahead of time so we can see if theyre available. understandinga state of searching. Even as recently as Is this good for kids? It sure is! If there are multiple kids in the2007, resources about autism were scarce. Stephanies only lesson, they will get the most out of it if they are of similar age andframe of reference was Dustin Hoffmans character in the ability. If you have one thats significantly younger or older than themovie Rain Man. She had no idea what she didnt know about others, they might do best with their own instructor. autism. But she knew one thing for sure.We were going to do everything we could do, Stephanie says. It was us against We have lessons that range from one hour to all day. If yourethe world. So many of the individuals and families who come looking for lots of practice time under the watchful eye of your to the Adaptive Sports Foundation feel that they are alone, instructor, consider a half day or full day option. If youre interestedno community to turn to who can understand.in some tips to go practice on your own, a one hour or two hourWhen Hunter, now 15, first came to ASF in 2011, hed tried lesson might be right for you.sports like baseball and soccer, but they didnt work out.New this season! Reservations are required for all group and His first snowboard run changed everything. The sensory private lessons - book yours at windhammountain.com stimulation captivated Hunter, but then the experiencegrew into something more. It became a passion, a chance forindependence and an opportunity to excel.Since becoming part of ASF, Hunters language skills have increaseddramatically. Hes become more conversational, and his sometimes-aggressive behavior all but vanishes when hes on the slopes, surrounded by friends. Since 1983, the Adaptive Sports Foundation at Windham Mountain has been empowering lives through adaptive sports.Through participation in the Adaptive SportsFoundations programs, many individuals experience,in some cases for the first time in their lives, that theyhave a new identity which is associated with a sport andnot their disability.For more information on the Adaptive Sports Foundations programs or how you can support, please visitwww.adaptivesportsfoundation.org.windhammountain.com800-754-9463 25'