b'W i n d h a m M o u n t a i nSnowSports SchoolFrom the Starting GateRace Director Sean Warman shares his perspective onthe benefits of ski racingand being part of theWindham Race Factory.Its important to appreciate how much ski racing can offer all of us.Its rewarding to be part of something that encourages children to dream without boundaries as they develop lifelong skills for a successful future,Windham Race Factorywhile engraving a passion for the mountain lifestyle. We use a childsThe Windham Race Factory has been creating passionate life-long excitement for skiing to guide andskiers and ski racers for generations. It is our goal to teach solid prepare them for the future. skiing skills that help our athletes foster a lifetime love for skiing Helping them establish positive habitsand introduce them to the competitive world of ski racing. We will outside the home and schoolroom,prioritize safety at all times, keep training fun and exciting, develop we cultivate abilities such as timea sense of team camaraderie and pride within our community. We management, mindset, commitment,will look to maintain the intensity and scope of training for those focus, grit, social skills and respect forwho desire to reach the higher levels while giving each athlete the those around them. When I see theopportunity to be the best skier she or he can be.children improving these life skills, andThe Windham Race Factory is the perfect program for ski racers the coaches that push these youngage 6-18. Featuring innovative coaching methodologies, ample athletes to be at their best, and thetraining opportunities, and dedicated professional race coaches, rewarding feeling that comes fromour race program will help your child develop their athletic skills, these accomplishments, its a greatcompete to their fullest potential, and create friendships that will reminder how impactful ski racing last a lifetime. This season long program runs from early December can be for everyone involved. through mid to late March, snow conditions dependent.24 above & beyondwinter 2020-2021'