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Mountain Report

Today at Windham Mountain.

Conditions as of: Thursday, January 29 - 3:29PM

Snow Showers
High 25°F (-4°C) Snow Showers






Base: 23" - 55"
Surface: PP/P
Miles Open: 17.3

Big Air Bag Open: No
Lift Hours: Weekday 9am-4pm
weekend-Holidays 8am-4pm
Fridays 9am-8pm,Saturday & Holidays 8am-8pm
Base Temp: 25°F (-4°C)
Summit Temp: 2°F (-17°C)

* Surface Notes: Upper Wipeout & Way Out open. 51 trails and counting!

The sky’s clouding up and we’re waiting for the flakes.  We’re up to 51 trails open, only 2 left and we’ll be 100%, add in 6 feature packed parks and you have no excuse for not heading up ASAP.  The parks are loaded with tons of snow; waiting for a little more of Mother Nature’s frosting overnight.  Our groomers will be out creating their magic overnight on 42 trails leaving great edge-friendly conditions behind them. The mountain is wall-to-wall fantastic skiing and riding; you’re looking at a full day of fun and memories.  The lift’s begin their day at 9am, 5 lifts spinning until 4pm that will get you to all 278 acres for a full day of fun on snow.

 Nothing is better after a great day hitting the slopes than hitting our new restaurant, SEASONS; amazing fare paired with a great selection of drafts, great tunes and great views of the mountain and valley; oh by the way, did I mention the largest big screen on the mountaintop? The Alpine Spa is open and will take care of all your sore muscles and re-align your outlook and while you’re here make reservations for the Moonlite Snowshoe Hike and Big Bites excursion on the 31st as well as the CMS Skier/Boarder Cross also on the 31st.

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Printer Friendly Mountain Snow Report

Open TrailGroomed TerrainMogulsSnowmakingNight Skiing
New Snow in the last 24 hoursDelayed Opening
Whisper RunBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Where's Charlie?BlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
WandererBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
WapekaBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Way To GoBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Wooly BearBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
What's Next?BlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
White WayBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
WillpowerBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Lower WraparoundBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Wall StreetBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Lower WarpathBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
WonderamaBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
WindfallBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Wolf's PreyBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
World CupBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Upper WraparoundBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Whiskey JackBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Warpath ChuteBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Upper WarpathBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Upper WiseacresBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Lower WiseacresBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Upper WhistlerBlankBlankMogulsGroomed TerrainOpen
Lower WhistlerBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Mini Wall BypassBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Upper WhirlwindBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
Lower WhirlwindBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Lower WolverineBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Lower WheelchairBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Upper Wall StBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Warm UpBlankBlankMogulsGroomed TerrainOpen
Lower WipeoutBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Assembly LineBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Whataride GladesBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
WinTuckBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Why NotBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
WigeonBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Wing'n ItBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
WilburBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Wonderfully WickedBlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
The Whistler ChuteBlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
Old WolverineBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Warm Up RoadBlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
The WallBlankBlankMogulsGroomed TerrainOpen
Upper WolverineBlankBlankMogulsGroomed TerrainOpen
Upper WheelchairBlankBlankMogulsBlankOpen
Wide ConnectionBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
WedelBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Upper WipeoutBlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
Way OutBlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
Open LiftNight Skiing
Delayed Opening
Whipser Run UpperBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
Whisper Run LowerBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
Whirlwind High Speed Quad (A)BlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
Wheelchair Double Chairlift (B)BlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
Wonderama Triple Chairlift (C)BlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
Whiteway Triple Chairlift (D)BlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
Wooly Bear Carpet (E)BlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
Whistler Triple Chairlift (F)BlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
East Peak Express Quad (G)BlankBlankBlankBlankOpen
K Triple ChairliftBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
Enclave CarpetBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
Park TowBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
Open TerrainGroomed TerrainSnowmakingNight Skiing
New Snow in the last 24 hoursDelayed Opening
The Jib ParkBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Wilbur ParkBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
The Warm Up ParkBlankBlankMogulsGroomed TerrainOpen
Wraparound ParkBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen
Lower Warpath ParkBlankBlankBlankGroomed TerrainOpen

Printer Friendly Mountain Snow Report


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Ticket Prices:  Monday-Friday 9am-4pm:  Adults $68, Young Adult (13-17) $53, Junior (7-12) $45, 6 & Under $10, Senior 65+ $53, Senior 75+ $38. 
Weekends & Holidays 8am-4pm: Adult $78, Young Adult (13-17) $67, Junior (7-12) $58, 6& Under $10, Senior 65+ $68, Senior 75+ $58.
Nights Friday-Saturday & Holidays 4-8pm:  Adult, Young Adult (13-17) & Junior (7-12) all $39, 6 & Under $10.


Adventure Park

Fridays: 5-8pm, Saturday & Holidays: 11am-8pm & Sundays and last day of Holiday periods: 11am-4pm
Plus the Big Air Bag

X/C & Snowshoe Center

Closed, reopening when weather permits. Located at Windham Mountain Resort's golf course Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays 8am-4pm