Terrain Park Thrills

6 Terrain Parks. Over 80 features. Nearly half a million dollars in improvements from 2015!

Start small in Wraparound Park with low lying, entry level features. Move on to Whirlwind Park with more small and basic medium features. Step up your game in the Warpath Park where you will find medium and large features, also home to our Boardercross Course during 2 weeks of the season. Warm-up Park is our flagship park stacked with medium and large features, we open it up for your pleasure on opening day! Last but certainly not least are Wilbur Park & The Jib Park where the best of the best go to throw down. These parks host Windham’s largest features and have their own triple lift and rope tow for limitless laps!

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Read up on the basics, safety information, and tips from the pros

First Tracks

Wilbur Park - L

Located under D – Lift with Large features.

This park includes Expert to Advanced features which can include large step downs, large stepups, large tabletops, and advanced boxes and rails. Also featuring the Monster Energy Big Air Bag!

Guest Services

Jib Park - M/L

Located on White Way trail with Medium/Large features.

This park is a great way to keep things interesting. It’s full of rails and features that change on a regular basis. It’s also lit for night owls and has its own tow rope!


Warm Up Park - M/L

Located on Warm Up Park trail with Medium/Large features.

This park has the biggest hits on the mountain – a fun challenge for the best skiers and riders.

Terrain Park

Wraparound Park - S

Located on Lower Wraparound trail with Small features.

This is a beginner park with small rails, jumps, and rollers. It’s perfect for working on your skills before tackling the bigger stuff.

Ski Jump

Lower Warpath Park - M/L

Located on Lower Warpath trail with Medium/Large features.

This park is set up with medium-sized jumps and skiercross/boardercross banked turns.


Whirlwind Park - M

Located on Lower Whirlwind trail with Medium features.

This park is for those transitioning from small air time to medium-sized jumps.