Mountain Report Updated: Sun, Feb 19 - 1PM
  • 54Trails Open
  • 12Lifts Open
  • 285Acres Open
  • 6Parks Open
  • 41Groomed Trails
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  • Flurries
  • 26oF
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  • Snow Showers 32°F
  • Mixed Cloud/Sun 40°F
  • Snow Showers 35°F
  • Snow Squalls 27°F
  • Partly Sunny 31°F

Mountain Report | Windham Mountain Report

Goggle Tans!

We've had a few days straight of sunshine & warm breezes and temps into the 40's & 50's. "Hero"snow is one of my favorites and the skiing/riding is awesome out there. I feel the goggle tan starting to set in! Spring is in the air and yet, the mountain has PLENTY of snow! Between the few feet of snow since January and plenty of snowmaking this season, we will be good to stay at 100% open for awhile! Our Grooming Team will be out tonight all over the mountain to prepare your favorite trails for tomorrow.

Look for temperatures tomorrow to be 28-31 degrees at the summit & 39-42 degrees at the base with plenty of the sunshine. We will be skiing & riding on a little softer snow in some areas which makes it ideal for carving those turns! The East Peak seems to stay a little firmer. All lifts (12) will be turning from 8am-4pm to get you out onto 2 peaks, 285 acres, 54 trails, and 6 Terrain Parks. Warpath Park has a new re-build so make sure and check out the new "skate style" park.

There is night skiing/riding until 8pm every night through February 25th. The Adventure Park will be open through Saturday 2/25 from 11am to 8pm, Sunday 2/26 11am-4pm.

Stay tuned for Ski Patrol's Trail Picks of the day!

Terrain Parks: 67 Total Features! Warm -Up Park: 9 Jibs 4 Jumps; Wraparound Park: 5 Jibs, 3 Jumps, 1 Roller; Wilbur Park: 8 Jibs,1 C Bowl, 3 Jumps; Jib Park: 6 Jibs; Whirlwind Park:  7 Jibs, 2 Jumps; Warpath Park:  7 Rollers, 1 Wu-tang, 2 Banked turns, 3 Jumps, 2 Volcanos, 3 Hips. 1 Holey Bowl **WILBUR Park will be temporarily closed 2/22-2/26.**

Check out The Demo Center if you feel like trying out some new gear! They have some super brands to explore on. After skiing & riding, join us for apres ski at Rock'n Mexicana Cantina & Grill for your South of the Border favorites and fantastic Margaritas! It is going to be a great week!

You can purchase passes and programs online or by calling the Tickets Office at 518-734-4300, ext. 1100.

We'll see you out there!

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Printer Friendly Mountain Snow Report

  • Open Trail Open Trail
  • Groomed Terrain Groomed
  • Moguls Moguls
  • Snowmaking Snowmaking
  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
  • Please click on designation below to see full list of trails
  • Easier Trails
    • Lower WraparoundOpen TrailDelayed
    • WandererOpen TrailDelayed
    • WapekaOpen TrailDelayed
    • Way To GoOpen TrailDelayed
    • What's Next?Open TrailDelayedNight Operation
    • Where's Charlie?Open TrailDelayed
    • Whisper RunOpen TrailDelayed
    • White WayOpen TrailDelayed
    • WillpowerOpen TrailDelayed
    • WonderamaOpen TrailDelayedNight Operation
    • Wooly BearOpen TrailDelayedNight Operation
  • More Difficult
    • Assembly LineOpen TrailDelayedNight Operation
    • Lower WarpathOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WheelchairOpen TrailDelayedNight Operation
    • Lower WhirlwindOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WhistlerOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WipeoutOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WiseacresOpen TrailDelayed
    • Lower WolverineOpen TrailDelayed
    • Mini Wall BypassOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper Wall StOpen TrailDelayedNight Operation
    • Upper WarpathOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WhirlwindOpen Trail
    • Upper WhistlerOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WiseacresOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WraparoundOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wall StreetOpen TrailDelayed
    • WaltzOpen Trail
    • Warm UpOpen TrailDelayedNight Operation
    • Warpath ChuteOpen TrailDelayed
    • Whiskey JackOpen TrailDelayed
    • WizardOpen Trail
    • WranglerOpen Trail
  • More Difficult (Advanced)
    • WildcatOpen TrailDelayed
    • WindfallOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wolf's PreyOpen TrailDelayed
    • World CupOpen TrailDelayed
  • Most Difficult
    • Old WolverineOpen Trail
    • The Whistler ChuteOpen TrailDelayed
    • Warm Up RoadOpen Trail
    • Whataride GladesOpen Trail
    • Why NotOpen TrailDelayed
    • WigeonOpen TrailDelayed
    • WilburOpen TrailDelayedNight Operation
    • Wing'n ItOpen Trail
    • WinTuckOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wonderfully WickedOpen Trail
  • Expert Only
    • The WallOpen Trail
    • Upper WheelchairOpen TrailDelayed
    • Upper WipeoutOpen Trail
    • Upper WolverineOpen TrailDelayed
    • Way OutOpen Trail
    • WedelOpen TrailDelayed
    • Wide ConnectionOpen Trail
  • Open Lift Open Lift
  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
  • K Triple ChairliftOpen Lift
  • Park TowOpen Lift
  • Whiteway Triple Chairlift (D)Night OperationOpen Lift
  • East Peak Express Quad (G)Open Lift
  • Whirlwind High Speed Quad (A)Open Lift
  • Whistler Triple Chairlift (F)Open Lift
  • Wheelchair Double Chairlift (B)Open Lift
  • Wonderama Triple Chairlift (C)Night OperationOpen Lift
  • Wooly Bear Conveyor (E)Night OperationOpen Lift
  • Enclave Conveyor LOpen Lift
  • Whisper Run LowerOpen Lift
  • Whisper Run UpperOpen Lift
  • Open Terrain Open Terrain
  • Groomed Terrain Groomed
  • Snowmaking Snowmaking
  • Night Skiing Night Skiing
  • The Jib ParkNight OperationDelayedOpen Terrain
  • Wilbur ParkNight OperationDelayedOpen Terrain
  • Wraparound ParkDelayedOpen Terrain
  • Lower Warpath ParkDelayedOpen Terrain
  • Whirlwind ParkDelayedOpen Terrain
  • The Warm Up ParkNight OperationDelayedOpen Terrain

D.O. = Delayed Opening
24 = New snow made in the last 24 hours

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