The PowerLearn Program

An Elite Program For Big Improvement!

Windham Mountain’s PowerLearn Program is directed by ski-guru Mermer Blakeslee. Mermer and the team of PowerLearn instructors instill the physical and mental components necessary to master the art of skiing.

PowerLearn is designed for men and women who are intent on dramatically improving their skills. The program requires a high level of dedication, but it offers a generous list of added amenities and features – including well-tuned skis and custom-fitted boots, video analysis and intensive, customized, ski-oriented coaching.

VIDEO of PowerLearn at Windham Mountain on Vimeo.

The PowerLearn curriculum consists of four essentials:

  • EQUIPMENT- Good skiing starts with the right equipment. We’ll make sure you have it, from well-tuned skis to a custom boot fitting. Skiing on appropriate equipment will assure a balanced stance.
  • TECHNIQUE – A curriculum that focuses on mastering fundamental skills. We will take you through indoor movement sessions as well as on-snow drills, and then work to integrate the new skills into your skiing. Additionally, we’ll capture your skiing on video, and then play it back during indoor sessions for analysis.
  • PSYCHOLOGY – Every good skier knows that there’s a mental component to the sport. Whether you have trouble with bumps, steeps, hard-pack or speed, Mermer will guide you through exercises that challenge you to expand your comfort zone.
  • CUSTOMIZED LEARNING – Providing a flexible approach to the individual’s style of learning. -No matter what your particular learning needs are, we can meet them.

Read what some previous students have to say:

PowerLearn has allowed me to ski with my family any time, at any mountain, in any terrain.
-Susan Saunders, PowerLearn 2008

Coming to PowerLearn was the best ski decision I ever made. Mermer and her team are awesome!
-Phil Binkow, PowerLearn 2006

Mermer is wonderful, enough said.
-Rene Gonzalez, PowerLearn 2007

(The PowerLearn) staff has been cooperative, helpful and most importantly, supportive in every manner.
-Murry Zborowski, PowerLearn 2013

The best invention since the ski brake.
-Bob Sanna, PowerLearn 2013

PowerLearn tuition:  $6200

To sign up or ask a question, just send us a message
Included in this package are the following great benefits:

  • Season pass
  • 8 PowerLearn Clinic days
  • Video capture and review
  • Access to the private-lesson lift line
  • Ski tunes
  • Equipment demos
  • Custom boot fitting by Mountain Sports Boot Lab
  • Lunch and apres ski on clinic days
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PL17February20, 2017
PL18February, 24 2017
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PL20March 11, 2017

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About Mermer

Mermer Blakeslee started skiing at Windham in 1960 at the age of three and has taught skiing here since 1979. In 1996, Mermer won Skiing magazine’s Instructor of the Year Award. That spring, she successfully competed and became a member of the PSIA National Demonstration Team, an elite team which spearheads the development and direction of ski teaching in America and represents American skiing internationally. (She was one of the few women and the only mother to do so.)

MermerMermer has lectured at PSIA’s National Academies and National Women’s Seminars, and the National Ski Patrol’s annual conventions. She has traveled throughout the country training ski instructors and for the last 24 years served as an examiner for PSIA-Eastern. She has been a coach for the Divisional Clinic Leaders, the Development Team, and the Eastern Demonstration team. Every spring in Snowbird, Utah, she leads the Women’s Adventure Camp.

Mermer has run The Fear Workshop here at Windham for 25 years and has been called “the ski industry’s fear specialist.” She has published four books, A Conversation with Fear (formerly In the Yikes! Zone) about her work with fearful skiers and three novels, the latest being When You Live by a River.

Click Here to Purchase A Conversation with Fear on Amazon Or Click Here to download the E-Read.